I play CTFs and wargames.

Capture the Flag competitions are my favorite things.

I keep track of current games with CTFTime, the securityCTF subreddit, Zero Daily, and other sources.

But practice makes perfect.

So I try my hand at wargames: always-online challenges to hone your skills.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not very good: but I like to try. So here is a list of my writeups:

OverTheWire PicoCTF SANS Holiday Hack Challenge
Ryan's CTF Hack This Site! UnderTheWire
Exploit Exercises Smash The Stack pwnable.kr

And I try my best to do writeups from recent and temporary competitions. Below is a list of games that I have played; those with links should include writeups.

32c3 CTF BreakIn 2016 EKOPARTY 2016 HackIM 2016 Hack The Vote 2016 InsomnicHack 2016 Teaser Internetwache 2016 SECCON 2015 QIWI InfoSEC CTF 2016 BreakIn 2017 BITSCTF AlexCTF BSides CTF 2017 HackIM 2017 Hackcon Mini 2017 Codegate Prequals 2017 ABCTF 33c3 CTF 3DSCTF ALICTF InsomnicHack 2017 Teaser Kaizen CTF 2016 ASIS CTF CTF(x) DCTF 2016 Google 2016 CTF Hackover CTF 2016 HITCON 2016 IceCTF 2016 Joint Cyber Competition LabyrenthCTF MMA 2016 TJCTF TUCTF TUMCTF SchoolCTF VolgaCTF 2016 0CTF 2016 AngstromCTF 2016 Backdoor CTF 2016 SCTF 2016 BCTF 2016 BlazeCTF 2016 PlaidCTF 2016 LASACTF 2016 PragyanCTF 2016